Spy Kit

Spy Kit is a fun App for the Apple iPhone (not iPod Touch) that gives you the gadgets you only know from the movies - at a bargain price.
Observe scenes with the motion tracking webcam, keep track of people with modern technical means or exchange secret messsages on plain paper.
Realize your the childhood ideas.
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Spy Tracker

watch where your mom goes

With Spy Kit for the iPhone you have a true GPS* tracking device at your hands. It's so easy to use:

  1. setup
    Set the frequency and accuracy of the tracking system.
  2. hide phone
    Hide your iPhone in a sock, under a blanket or in a car's boot.
  3. track phone
    Comfortably track your iPhone's position in a web browser and find out where mom goes.

* GPS only on iPhone 3G/3GS. Cell tower triangulation position detection with older devices.

* Might need to ask people for permission in some countries before tracking them.

Spy Cam

see who grabbed your sweets

Even more. You can use your iPhone as a secret webcam* with an automatic motion detection trigger:

  1. setup
    Setup the delay between taking photos.
  2. hide phone
    Hide your iPhone in a safe place, where it can view the scene to observe.
  3. track phone
    View what's happening in your room whenever there's a motion from anywhere on this planet or just save the images to the iPhone and view them when you come back home.

* Optional upload requires an internet connection. Both, WLAN and WWAN work.

* Might need to ask people for permission in some countries before photographing them.

Spy Crypt

exchange secret messages

With spy crpyt you can create a secret character substitution table to exchange messages with other agents.

  1. pick keyword
    Enter a secret code word. Based on this keyword a substitution table is generated.
  2. exchange keyword
    Share the secret keyword with your friend agents.
  3. crypt messages
    With the generated substitution table, simply substitute the letters of your message. The decryption uses the same table as the encryption, which is pretty handy, but also secure as long as the encryption code is kept safe.


Spy Kit login

After you activated your device (first button on the App), you can login here to observe what's going on with your iPhone.